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I'm Lalena!

I am so excited you stopped by.


Being married to an Aspie for almost 30 years I am passionate about helping other wives of Aspies feel LOVED and CONNECTED! Sometimes we can feel so alone in marriage, in family, and in a crowd. I know I sure do.


We face challenges others may not understand. We also may have more than one Aspie at home, which creates a whole new challenge for us as deeply feeling and compassionate women. 

I'm here to let you know, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

This blog is a peek into my topsy turvy life. It's not sugar coated and it will get a bit raw at times, because thats real life. I'll share my good and bad. I share my highs and lows. I'll also share the HOPE that I believe is my reality and yours too - Marriage between neurotypicals and non-neurotypicals is possible!


We can THRIVE in our marriages, it just looks a little different than the expected.

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